Zendo Timekeeper (Jikido)

The Jikido is the timekeeper for the sangha and caretaker of the zendo and, as such, performs a vital service for the sangha.  The Jikido is responsible for preparing the zendo and adjacent areas for zazen and other functions, for giving appropriate time signals to begin and end sitting periods and for leading kinhin.  As caretaker, the person serving in this capacity is responsible for securing the buildings and grounds in the vicinity of the zendo by locking doors, windows and gates, turning lights on in the evening and off in the morning as appropriate. 

Most importantly, the Jikido, through his or her behavior and deportment, sets the tone for others in the zendo.  If the Jikido is mindful and precise in his or her actions, others will follow that lead.

The Jikido commitment we are looking for is solely for regular practice days, not included sesshins, or special training days.

For Jikido instructions, click here.

If you wish to continue your commitment or are interested in deepening your practice by taking on a service position commitment, please contact Senshin in the office either by email: or phone (213) 387-2351.

2017 Jikido Committments

  Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec
Wed morning     Anna Josenhans  
Wed evening     Doetsu Ross  
Thu morning     Sarah McCarron  
Thu evening   Geri Geri Bryan  
Fri morning   Gessho Gessho Kumpf  
Sat morning



Chris Hackman  
Sun morning Dojun/Taikan Dojun/Taikan Dojun/Taikan  

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